Women empowerment?

I have been reading at lot of places about women empowerment, their well deserved rights, the problems they face, etc etc…

And I agree with most of them.

What I do wish to add is that at times we women are victims of our own mindsets. Our lives still revolve around pleasing EVERYONE around. To appear larger by making others look smaller.  If only we conquer our petty thinking can we empower ourselves and our families.

Power to lead your life doesn’t include only major decisions like what job to take or whom to marry. It starts with minor issues like what to wear, who to talk to, etc.  and ends up engulfing your entire life.

You don’t become powerful by controlling others’ lives. Real power comes only when you strengthen yourself.

The real issue here is HOW. And to that there is no fixed answer. Some people think that covering their head while elders are around is mark of respect for them, while some feel that it is a symbol of weakness.  There is nothing wrong in believing either of these. Not giving in to customs only because they are ‘considered’ primitive is as bad as giving in to them under pressure from society. It all depends on how you want to deal with them. And once you have decided that, all you have to do is be a little considerate to those around. Remember that mindsets are not very easy to change and even the worst of customs are ‘justified’ by those who follow them. The idea is not to hurt such people. Neither it is to make them change their mindsets. It’s more about asserting your views and beliefs if you are convinced.

I am not a big fan of rebellions. I believe in being a part of society while working for change in it. And so if I don’t like something which some relative says, I don’t disown them or ‘give them back’. I only make sure that they understand that some of things which they say or do doesn’t affect me or my decisions.

A strong woman doesn’t depend on others to make her feel good. She doesn’t need to prove herself to be better than men. She doesn’t get into petty politics either in her personal or professional life.  She only makes herself and her world richer through her positivity.

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