Why are some people so obsessed with the idea of ‘sacrifice’? Men want women who are willing to ‘sacrifice’ everything, and women appreciate those who spend their entire life giving up their identity, dreams and everything that would define them as humans! I doubt if they have ever heard of the words happiness and contentment. For them, being in pain and watching others in pain is the way of life. That is how they live each and every moment. Analyzing and judging others. Marking their every move, reading between the lines, in other words being miserable and giving the same treatment to others (BTW, isn’t it ironical that those who claim to know the most about pain end up inflicting the same on others.)

It just reminds me of how EktaKapoorish we have become.

And such high talks that would put even the spiritual gurus to shame.

And yet waiting to pounce on you the moment you let your guards down.

Like a termite, trying to find the weak spots to begin corroding.

Do I blame them?

Sometimes I do.

And then I understand.

Years of suppression does that to a person.

Those who have twisted and confused line of thinking believe it’s the others who are confused themselves.

They are the kinds who feel therapy/counseling is for sick people.

Positivity for them is a relative term.

Friendship? What is that?

Friendship between a male and female? Not possible. For them such a relationship is full of dirty secrets (for others) and divine love (for themselves).

The pretense of truth and purity.

And yet blaming the rest of the world, labeling it as false.

Neurotic characters who can’t see the truth themselves and yet are hell bent upon destroying everything that comes their way, whether family or friends or complete strangers.

All in the name of some illusion which they think is the truth.

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