Why are we so serious in life?

Ever noticed the stressed out cashier in a super market?

Or the teller in a bank?

The uncle in the neighborhood kirana shop?

and so many other regular people going about their regular lives?

Ever taken a moment off from the busy day and noticed yourself?

Do we never get any reason to smile? And do we grab it when it is right there in front of us?

Are we so worked up by the day to day tasks that we forget that life is to live and not just to pass through the day?

Sometimes when we are out to shop or dine, we (me and A) speak to waiters/shopkeepers/attendants/acquaintances , crack a joke or two. But the humor usually falls flat on our faces! Either they are too pre-occupied by their own thoughts or they fail to catch the funny line!I agree the stress to earn a living can get too much to handle. But is it impossible to grab a moment or two of light-hearted chat?

And then there are those who spend their entire lives learning and preaching lessons in life. They assume such serious outlook that I wonder if they have experienced life themselves 😉 They look at each person with suspicious eye, dissect every event that unfolds in front of them and analyze it to the benefit of their own sensibilities.  I guess they are the ones Ekta Kapoor looks up to for inspiration 😉

I know it is easy to smile when everything in life is running smooth. But I also believe in accepting life’s difficulties and trying to ease them with a little humor. Nothing like a warm hug and sweet smile from a loved one to help in forgetting the bad day at office!  And it doesn’t require any effort or money either 🙂





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