In love with cricket!!

The entire family is waiting for wednesday..

Having decided the menu for the entire day, peace is visible on Mother’s face.

So breakfast is the usual aloo-paranthas while lunch is hurried veg biriyani.

For snacks it would be bread pakoras (easy and quick)

And dinner would be home delivered pizza..

All household chores would have to be completed BEFORE lunch.

Father has to take half day off from work.

For fillers (if there is space left), there always is moongfali-gud (groundnuts + jaggery)

And regular shots of masala tea.

All these thoughts and preparations just for ONE match! That is how crazy we are about the game…

And I am pretty sure this is how it is going to be in almost every house tomorrow!

And though it is not the ‘game’ but the ‘match’ we are interested in, the technicalities would still be discussed and decisions would be dissected with lots of profanities thrown in . Silent prayers, loud cheers, and constant chattering amongst us.. This is how it has always been… and this is how I wish it to be this time too!!

Hope we all have GOOD time tomorrow!!


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8 thoughts on “In love with cricket!!

  1. haha…the whole nation is going crazy about it…

    And you know during last match with Aussies…we (a group of friends) spammed twitter and FB a lot. I tweeted that “if we try to be honest/fair like this..we can do wonders” and there was not a single reply on this. I retweeted this and again almost nothing πŸ˜›

    Jai ho !

    • πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ sachi!!! And though we ourselves are amazed at the silliness of it all, the joy of watching a match well played with family/friends is beyond words!

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