Giving in…

Something magical is happening this season..

I am breaking all the rules that I had set for myself…One of them is swimming! I am soo afraid of deep water that the mere thought of me in a pool chokes me up. To me, it is as terrifying as trying out  a coffin.  But of late there have been some motivations strong enough to get me (and most of the family) enrolled in swimming classes! The reasons are as important as ‘if I learn, I can help Diya learn too‘ (this especially important because of medical reasons for her), and are also as trivial as – ‘if I learn, I can go and swim in the sea with A, the next time we go to Goa! ‘ Yeah I have always been the beach babe – I mean the one who prefers to be SITTING ON the beach to going in the knee deep water.  Then there is body-toning, beautiful swim suits, accessories….. it is as if the entire world and its retail business wants me to learn to swim and try out beautiful things on display….

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