With a heavy heart..

Some days are ‘good’ days when you smile for no reason at all.. and some are depressing, dark and disturbing. Today was one of those… I guess it was this news that started it all…

Women in India are reduced to being objects. Read this dark and funny post by Kislay Chandra and you would know what I mean..

The helplessness of being a woman trapped in her own circumstances – of abuse and trauma.

Someone whose parents treat her like some kind of burden which they are eager to pass on to the ‘right’ person…

Somedays, it just doesn’t feel right to see so much injustice around..

I remember this song from one of my favourite movies – Pinjar.

charkha chalati maa
dhaga banati maa
bunti hai sapnom ki khesari ||charkha||

samajh na pavun mein
kis ko batavun mein
maiyya chhudati kyon desari

beton ko deti hai mehel atariya
beti ko deti paradesari ||beton||

jag me janam kyon leti hai beti ||
ayi kyon vidayi vali ratiri ||

sason ki doli se
ankhon ki galiyon se
kyon deti sapnom ki desari ||sason||

mamta ki bahon me
lamhom ki dhagon me
man ko lage an khesari

beton ki deti hai mehel atariya
beti ko deti paradesari ||beton||

jag me janam kyon leti hai beti ||
ayi kyon vidayi vali ratiri ||

8 thoughts on “With a heavy heart..

  1. Great post (the one you pointed to)…

    Well, no-one can deny the fact that in the thoughts of most of the men, woman is still an object. The education, media etc hasn’t changed it a bit. If there are restrictions on women in rural sector, she is abused in some other way in the urban part. All men (rural or urban) are dogs, not every (man) would agree with me, though.

    History gave men a domination and it still continues. So the society is running in the same fashion.

    • I am sure there are good men around who don’t let these mindsets affect them. There is a change in process triggered by people who have started being vocal about it

  2. I dont know what to say , yes its true women have not been treated the way they should be but then its not jsut men it women too.. how they treat other women..

    I was brought up with the idea that men-women are equals and in our household everyone was resepcted and is respected .. I do hope that each human being is treated equal and there is no racism on sex-rcace-creed …

    A good post.

  3. Jay says:

    Objectification of women is very much prevalent in the west. You must have heard of Hooters, bikini bars and nude bars. A big concern for parents in the US is the early sexualization of girls. — the idea that a girl’s life revolves around her attractiveness in the eyes of men.Capitalist societies thrive on men who want objects and women who want to be objects.

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