The Harder a Wife works, the cuter she looks!!!

I got this book from British Library for a light and fun read… And it certainly was! No, it doesn’t have any crude jokes about women, neither does it promote what it speaks on the front page. It is just a compilation of old print advertisements which are bizarre and hilarious to say the least..

According to the product description:

It celebrates a time of innocence, when advertisers could tell us any old garbage and we’d believe it.From the minor untruth – typewriters that make the working day so much fun (really?) – to the amazing claim – cigarettes that are recommended by doctors and electric corsets (ouch!) that promise the perfect figure – and featuring some that can’t ever have seemed a good idea – such as a chin reducing head cage – this book contains over 80 of the most outrageous adverts ever to have been thought up by ad execs.Hilarious and shocking, “The Harder a Wife Works, the Cuter She Looks!” reminds us not to believe everything we’re sold! “

I am sure there is another such book in the making – featuring some of the ads from present times. What about the amazing weight reduction ointments, breast enhancing creams, and miracle medicines that work wonders for facial marks, and also the amazingly ‘effective’Β  fairness creams! And what about the ‘Ab-crunchers’, ‘Nazar Rakshak’, ‘inflatable beds’, and other such ‘inventions’ !!

pic from here

8 thoughts on “The Harder a Wife works, the cuter she looks!!!

  1. πŸ™‚ I am sure things have changed a lot from that time now .. πŸ™‚ women have gone far ahead then that image now …

    and yes we shud not beleive everything that is sold to us …

    • Is it? I am not too sure πŸ˜‰

      Women might have gone further in many areas, but the one who demands some time off is still the ‘selfish and the lazy one’

      Anyways, this was about the ads and their bizarrely funny nature!

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