The absolute Truth?

So what is TRUTH for you? If I tell you that the event ‘x’ happened, would you believe it?
And why would you take that as TRUTH? Would it be because you know ME, or would it be because the event ‘x’ is possible to have occured? Would you call me a liar if as per your understanding and sensibilities the event ‘x’ couldn’t have happened ever. Would your convictions be enough to label MY TRUTH as a LIE? Or would you first think whether MY TRUTH suits you or not….

I don’t know whether these reports are true or not. While there is no reason to doubt the player’s integrity, the police investigations are worth considering. But then do we trust our police enough to accept their statements blindly?

(On similar lines, do we reject a child’s statement by saying How dare you accuse that ‘good’ man?” just because we ourselves cant dare to face the truth… )

4 thoughts on “The absolute Truth?

  1. I beleive that as long as I dont have any reason to not beleive you, You are saying the truth.
    truth is of different types what truth for me , may not be for you ..

    and regarding the child statemnt I will always Take the child’s side. and i nthat terms I always side my friends or people i love right or wrong , I alsway do that.. BUT when we are alone then they get a nice thrashing :), thats what i beleive in Stand by them in public.. and in private you can give them your piece of mind if they are wrong …

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