Random thoughts!!

So they want ‘skirts’ for glamour….
What about bikinis?? Wouldn’t that add more ‘star’ value??
And oh! what about ‘performance’ and ‘rankings’?
Do they not matter at all in popularizing the games?
Wasn’t cricket popular BEFORE they traded colored dresses for white?

I thought Guiness book of records was more about testing human limits and competitive streaks.. One look at the promos of the program (the one they are playing in on Indian TV channel) and you see it’s become more about who can try out bizarre stuff and repeat it for a certain number of times…

Seeing your child in pain is the worst feeling in the world…. The helplessness of not being able to do anything to ease the discomfort of an ailing child, the desperation is suffocating to say the least…

Blind love/faith are as dangerous as hatred. Both are exteme emotions and make one incapable of leading a civil life. One suffering from either spends his/her life defending their love or hatred whatever the case may be.

Some people add goodness to your life just by being in it. And this holds true especially in your professional life. A good team certainly helps in making the otherwise routine work more interesting and worthwhile..

A person without any dream is worth staying away from. Such kinds only spread bitterness around thanks to the emptiness in their hearts.

6 thoughts on “Random thoughts!!

  1. YEah i heard about that Skirt things .. weird how does what one wear during play matter ..

    and blind love/faith so bvery true .. got my hand-feel everything burnt once .. not doing it again 🙂

    Dreams I always beleive that to be someone someday you got have a DREAM always .. and i agree with you on that

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