Shor in the city

Spoilers ahead

This movie is all about karma with the city (Mumbai) and its chaos as the background. This is the kind of story where you are told that all ends well for a good man and a bad person has to pay for his deeds.

The title song says it all..

So it starts with a small time, quality consciousย  ‘publisher’ย  who has his books sold on traffic signals. Yes, he prints ‘pirated’ books, even resorting to kidnapping a well known author in lieu of the manuscript of his yet to be published book. Married to a bright young girl, he battles between good and bad. Getting immersed in philosophy of Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist, confronting the initial awkwardness of marriage, maintaining loyalty towards friends who live for the moment… he is a good man faltering at times. He is Tilak, played superbly by Tushar Kapoor. This is the second movie where I appreciated his understated emotions (The first one being Khaakee). And it also reinstates my theory that no matter how good looking one might be, some actors look better playing character roles only and not the usual ‘hero’ stuff, playing romantic leads in candy floss movies.

The Second character is that of an NRI who has come back to setup a small business of his own. The initial enthusiasm goes off as the harassment from the local goons begin. He struggles and then gives in to the way the city works. His past life is largely hidden from the audience though there are hints of a violent time which he seems to have run from. And yet by merging with the insane crowd, he seems to have gone back to the same for a while which torments him. Hope comes in form of love that he finds in the city.

Third person in the picture is a struggling cricketer who finds it difficult to get a place in the team thanks to his bad performance in selection matches. His girlfriend has her own share of problems in form of difficult parents who want to get her married as soon as possible to someone they choose through the whole arranged-match process. He is left with one option- to bribe the selectors in order to secure his place. But middle class background that he comes from acts a hindrance and he has no source to arrange money from.

Along with these three, there are two friends which Tilak (the ‘publisher’) has who form an important part of the story.ย  They, according to me, help in making him look better. One of them is the kinds you find on streets, eve-teasing, indulging in pointless fights and arguments, impulsive, self-centered and yet you feel sorry for the struggles people like him go through everyday. The second friend walks on a middle ground. Evil… and yet with streaks of goodness. He values friendship and has emotions like guilt which are completely absent in the first one.

They all have different stories, yet converge to a point where one’s actions affect the other in direct or indirect ways. All of them get closure, each one has a different one, befitting the character they allow to grow up within themselves.

I liked the way Sendhil’s character is shut out of the city (represented by the crowd celebrating Ganesha Visarjan) and then is taken in by the same after he merges with its character, applying the same color on his face (unintentional? or just my interpretation – I am not sure)

Tilak decides what he wants to do in life and that is to spend time educating himself in company of his ‘graudate’ wife!

The ‘evil’ friend doesn’t comes out of the crime tangle and gets deeper into it until he meets his fateful end (or so we imagine it would be).

The not so evil friend mends his ways and gets a more respectable job which has him working hard.

In the end , it’s all about karma.. The good meeting good end and the evil facing bad consequences.

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