The nagging wife!

She wakes up early to go for her daily walk

for husband likes the slim and fit.

Comes back to prepare lavish breakfast

for the bummer and two naughty kids.


Once they are awake she prepares the bath

for they have to go out looking their very best.

And before they wake up, it’s the time

to prepare the dough for home-made bread.


That is when the crisis hits

and she hears high-pitched screams and cries

The younger one wants to sleep a little more

while elder one is still struggling with the tie.


Managing the brats single handedly

she keeps an eye on her watch

The to-do list in her office

is callingΒ  for a serious call.


She loses her cool at some point

and shouts at husband for being so late,

for forgetting to keep dirty clothes in the basket

and leaving wet towel on bed yet again.


The husband shrugs the shoulders

and feels bad for his sorry life.

For all that he struggles for –

all he got was a nagging wife!

13 thoughts on “The nagging wife!

  1. Excellent Puja. this is so rightly written.
    i dont ever want to reach this stage. and i wont let something like this happen to me..

  2. Awesome Puja! Sad that so many women go thru this and it flares me up when I see a few husbands talking abt hw nagging their wives are in front of others!!!!!!!!!

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