Cricket love

I had written about Diya’s interest in the game of bat-ball and how she got interested in the characters involved (read Sachin Tendulkar, Dhoni!).. We decided to take it a little further by taking her to an IPL match on Saturday evening. Now I don’t follow IPL very closely. I don’t know which players are a part of team A and which of team B. Yeah, I am illiterate like that.  And trust me I had no clear reasons why we were supporting KKR and not RCB (the local team). Yet, there we were along with around twenty of friends/team-mates cheering for both the teams. We loved each shot that Chris Gayle played and shouted to get Balaji’s attention on the field.

Ok, coming back to what this post was about – Diya’s cricket love. She merged with the crowd and shouted slogans for RCB , held the RCB flag and baloons, jumped with joy with others when there was a four or six being hit…yeah, all that for the entire duration (around four+ hours), and also posing for the pictures which others around requested her for!! A true star, I should say 🙂

4 thoughts on “Cricket love

  1. Well she has done what i have not, never been to a IPL match.. 😦 she is lucky …

    you shud psot some pics of the match .. and Diya tooo 🙂

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