Life’s lessons…

I am learning how to swim , and a few days back I came back learning a BIG lesson in life. This guy was teaching me how to float, and there was a moment when I had to curl up like a baby, submerge my head in water and lift my legs… no more touching the ground. They call it ‘Mushroom float’. So basically, you float , putting your weight on the head..
There is that one moment when you just lift the lower body up.. when the panic sets in
what if you fall down?
since you are no longer touching the ground
what if you drown?
and then you tell yourself just one thing
trust yourself.. trust your body.. wait for just 1 more second…
you let your head take the responsibility and let go of the lower part.
you just hold on for that one sec
and there you are –
mission accomplished
I am not speaking from a book
or anyone else’s experience
I felt it that day
and i cant forget this basic lesson
just stay calm for those crucial moments.. and you would be over it
Enjoy the freedom it gives
Nothing calms you like the feeling of ‘letting go’

11 thoughts on “Life’s lessons…

  1. A good lesson that .. thats why elders tell us to be patient, be calm .. think take a deep breadth before deciding what to do next ..

    How is swimming going on then

  2. This is how we learn i guess..many facets of life. Just that, one has to be a good observant.

    Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

  3. SBH says:

    Why do we always want to draw life lessons from everything in life? Couldn’t it be just about swimming? This is not a personal shot at you. Even I am a blogger and do this kind of life lessons regularly. It is just our very Indianess that makes us so great a management gurus

    • I am still wondering what’s so indianness about it? I feel it’s a trait of a positive person who tries to bring out positivity, learnings etc through the experiences of life. Isn’t? Many sportsmen, professionals, artistes, craftsmen, writers, poets… realize they learn a lot during their own pursuits and share it with others in the form of quotes or while addressing people. They do so to inspire others and I feel it’s a winner’s attitude.

      “The happiest people are those who think the most interesting thoughts. Those who decide to use leisure as a means of mental development, who love good music, good books, good pictures, good company, good conversation, are the happiest people in the world. And they are not only happy in themselves, they are the cause of happiness in others.” ~ William Phelps.

      (sorry about the looong comment 🙂 )

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