Letting Go..

Parenting is a big lesson in letting go.. From the very first day you realize you are pregnant till the day the baby finally comes out, every single minute is a bond getting stronger between you and the baby.  Evey moment of knowing that there is a life inside you, completely dependent on you for survival, for whom you are the best decision maker, who stays with you all the time.. It is like brainwashing and mental conditioning of a parent that gets affirmed and stronger every day of pregnancy and remains so even after the baby is out there in the open world.

And then the changes happen. The baby, though still dependent on you  for feeds, cleanup, soothing etc, starts developing a personality of its own. And it is rather too evident in the ways it chooses to smile or cry, like or dislike certain things which you might be involved in to make it happy. The child throwing away the toy you so lovingly bought, spitting out the food you cooked, preferring to play with kids of his/her own age rather than hanging around the family,.. the list is endless. Every single day is a new lesson in letting go of the child you so carefully enveloped with your love and care. There might be a phase when the security , warmth and comfort of your love starts to sufforcate unless you give enough space. And that is the most difficult part. One has to let go their own kids, bit by bit, piece by piece. And yet stay connected with the most delicate and yet beautiful bond of love.

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