.. is not just in the way the two pictures are compared but also in the inferences drawn:


इसे देख लो और विवेक और सद्बुद्धि से विचारो

क्या सच में नारी है बेचारी
और पुरुष है बलात्कारी….???

कौन कितना दोषी ???? आंकलन करें ..



So as long as the woman is covered from head to toe, she is not ‘eligible’ for rape and other forms of harassment. Perhaps it gives her the status of ‘invincible’…. ‘superhero’, may be.


Perverts are everywhere.. and in all time zones. I am sure that there would be people lusting after women on the left side of the picture . Each one has his/her own fetish. There might definitely be some getting turned on by a mere sighting of a girl. How far would you go to ‘cover’ that up?


I found both the pics to be beautiful.

Innocence, glamor and expressions.

The degree may vary.


If a man has no control over his desires, does he have any right to blame the ‘woman’ for it? And to go back to the argument repeated again and again – what of the kids (even infants)?


I have nothing new to add to views and opinions of women world wide. All I can mention here is the sadness and disgust that this conclusion evokes.



18 thoughts on “Horror..

  1. A very very warm welcome dear!! Loved the new look of your blog…:)
    Now moving on to the post…

    It’s really sad…that they are into such blame-games instead of fighting for ways to overcome it…I loved what u said..if “Dressing” was the real issue…then what about child rapes? Do they have a reasoning for that as well? Or for that matter wives…and so on…?

    I tell you..these jerks will never speak anything wise…but cover their own flaws by drawing reference to irrelevant stuff… Raping is a sin – a crime. Period. And they deserve to be punished.

  2. There can never be any excuse to do wat people do to others, as you mentioned infants and all..
    Man is a animal simply put and when a animal go astray its called a man eater and SHOT . hence the rapist who shud be shot no matter what they say..

    I wonder people who talk like this or give reason how safe are girls and infants nd thier own females in their house from them …

  3. So the person who shared this believes that the women in the first picture are safe from rape? If one goes by the crimes that are reported in newspapers, women who dress close to how the little girls in the first picture are dressed do get raped, since this is how many women in rural India and underprivileged backgrounds still dress.

    In my experience looking confident and empowered (and being both) is a protection, and the biggest protection is having a voice. When we try to bind women like in the first picture, making rules they must follow, we take away that voice and make them vulnerable.

    • Isn’t this the ‘general’ mindset (Of both men and women)? We assume that a coy and covered up appearance would somehow make us invisible to the evil eye. In my personal experience, I have seen otherwise. I have been through phases of being a shy and quiet girl to a relatively more outspoken and confident person. And I can say one thing for sure – if someone knows you CAN create trouble for him if he dares to say/touch improperly, he would definitely back off.

  4. Goodness! How on earth do they draw such conclusions? As if little babies invite rape, as if there are no rapes in places where women are completely covered!

    The only person who is responsible for rape is the rapist. Nobody else! Nobody can make a person rape somebody – not possible. And if they can’t control themselves, they need to be kept under control!!

  5. mountain man says:

    I will take a position on the other end of the rainbow. Not that I am supporting rape; but yes, there is merit in saying that women often dress such that they end up getting ‘objectified’.

    1. Why do women often dress such that they bare so much of their body? A backless dress. Exposed cleavages. And really short shorts. Why the desire to expose?

    2. Women dress to look sexy. Lets accept that. And the only reason sexy is what it is, is because it conjures images of sex in the viewers mind.

    Dress smart and chic, fine. But when you dress to look sexy, you know what you are doing.

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