‘The Mine’ by Arnab Ray

Mother had always warned him of the dark.

What she had forgotten was to tell him about the light.

There was something about the light in this place that never ceased to unnerve Asgar. It illuminated every recess of his mind, some of which he had realized in the course of his life, are better kept in shadow.

The summer sun too was unforgiving in its stark relentlessness. But at least it was real. The industrial light here was not. It could not be. Because Asgar was deep inside the earth, in a place where not even nature could enter unless it came with a company badge.

Perhaps it was not so much the brightness that made him uneasy but the icy blue detachment of the ambient light, whose cold touch felt like that of a wet cotton shirt on a blustery, winter evening.

He had felt this way only in one other place before.

The morgue.

I have watched quite a number of horror movies (Ok, I accept – it was with  eyes and ears tightly shut!), and more often than not was dissappointed beyond a few scenes. Also, in my opinion, the more the number and intensity of gory scenes, the less intriguing the movie is. I feel the same way for horror books.

‘The Mine’ is the kind of book which builds up your interest in the first two pages itself. The link to the prologue is here. And line after line, page after page, the suspense, and subsequently the interest keeps on mounting. Despite a very familiar plot of a number of people (some known and others unknown to each other) trapped inside a place which throws up nasty surprises every few pages, this one keeps you hooked. And surprised.

Each character is in for a reason. And each one has a gory past. Some are trying deal with it, some try to forget it, while others just shrug it off with haughtiness of an evil heart.

And then they meet the biggest fear of their lives.  How they face it, and how it brings their pasts alive in front of them is what the plot is all about. I wouldn’t dare to go further and elaborate it as you need to explore it yourself through the book.

All I can say here is that it leaves you with with a heavy and yet fast-racing heart.
I have always admired Arnab Ray’s writings. I follow his blog religiously and bought his first book as soon as it appeared on Crossword racks. But this one just caught me offguard. I never expected to be shocked by so much gore and yet feel the need to go on to the next episode.
And perhaps this was one of the few books that I have read twice – in two days.

I give it four out of five stars. One star deducted for the language, which at certain places, could have been toned down a little!

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