When we want our kids to be the perfect examples for others to look at and admire

And overlook the small yet important moments of pleasure wasted in discipling them.

I hate the entire notion of ‘disciplining’ kids. But there is a line that I chose to draw – between crankiness and bad behavior. So most of the times I understand when my child is behaving in a certain way because she is unwell or hasn’t slept enough or is hungry, and I act accordingly. But when it seems that she is just testing how far it can go, thereby stretching the limits of my patience, I tear my hair in frustration! Not knowing what to do, or how to react – yeah even four years of motherhood hasn’t equipped me enough to handle such situations.

Now, Diya is a REBEL since birth! There had been phases when I wondered if she has been taught that the only way to answer a request is NO!

I don’t mind it usually since the worst it does is to make us work a little harder to get through some usual chores of the day. But when it translates into bad and rude behavior – Well! One just has to intervene 😦 We start with gentle requests, pleadings and when nothing else works, we end up using strict tone.  I am hoping that gradually she would understand that such tantrums and behavior are not acceptable.
( Is there any other way to deal with this issue? )

This post had been inspired by this article which I reached through a blog that I frequent every now and then…

It is easy to get carried away, especially with the amount of stress a parent usually carries around, and the complexities of child behavior. I believe that DISCIPLINE is often the easiest way out. How convenient it would be to have a child who listens and agrees to whatever you ask him/her to do, who wakes up early in the morning, brushes teeth for exactly two minutes as advised by doctors, takes bath, shampoos hair, finishes off breakfast AND milk.. gets ready and reaches school in time. At school, he/she studies sincerely with no ‘naughty’ or unwanted behavior, is cordial with friends, scared of teachers, plays but with enough care so as not to soil the dress (for girls – no playing is usually the desired trait) .. comes back home, cleans up, has lunch, sleeps, finishes homework, has dinner and then sleeps.



DAMAGING to the kid.

A little challenge, a little excitement, a little up and a little down would harm nobody. We want happy, confident and smiling children in our families, not society approved robots.

And so, today I gear up once again to face my little one as she experiments with her social interactions… not with a caning stick.. but with smile and occasionally a stern voice…

2 thoughts on “When we want our kids to be the perfect examples for others to look at and admire

  1. I agree…parenting isn’t an attempt to create robots but trying help children grow into responsible, independent, mature adults.

    Afterall, kids are best treated as kids and not miniature adults 😀 😀

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