Ek main aur ek tu – review

I went for this movie with low expectation, despite some very flattering reviews. The first few minutes into the movie and I was able to predict what would come next. It is not something that you haven’t seen in movies before. It even has fleeting resemblance to “Jab We met” at certain places.

It is not a brilliant movie – let us just call it ‘average’, and ‘average’ is no longer a bad term. It means ‘Na kum aur na Jyada’, as Kareena’s character says. And this is the high point of this movie, though at certain points you do wonder if it has gone a little too far in portraying Imran’s parents in the movies as the self-centered, strict disciplinarians who actually ask him to ‘chew the food 32 times’!!!! And this when his character is twenty five years old!! I had to put a lot of strain on my brain to find one couple I know that might fit this kind of profile. I failed! (Thank God for that!!)

What I liked about the movie was – its story. Yeah I just described it as what we have read/seen a million times before. But look at the plots and sub-plots. They are just so refreshing and new. Rianna (played by Kareena) is a high on life girl who is independent, bold and quite sure of what she wants to do in her life. It’s refreshing to see that a girl in Indian Cinema is single with no apology, her parents are fine with her career choices, do not pester her for marriage despite her being of ‘marriageable age’, understand the circumstances that led to her to-be-soon-annulled marriage, and are cool – the kind of parents every child would love to have! Imran’s character (named Rahul) and his parents are just opposite and this suffocation shows clearly in his eyes.

The story is about how Rahul learns to shed his inhibitions and tries to get out of the frame that his parents had built for him. But what struck to me most was its ending and the subtle message it conveyed.


Spoiler Alert : Please don’t read further if you haven’t seen the movie yet. Also, might go a little off-mark!


So Rahul falls in love with Rianna. That is not surprising. She is an easy to fall with kind of girl. BUT she doesn’t love him back – in her words, they are just good friends. And she wants to continue it that way, without letting romance play spoilsport. Now where have I heard it before!! In real world, the girl is usually accused of leading the guy on if he happens to fall in love with her. It is always her fault. Why did she talk to him for such long hours? Why did she go out for coffee with him? Why did she introduce him to her family … and so on.. In real world such friendships break under pressure from society.

Now back to the movie! At many places I felt that perhaps these days bindaas equates callousness and don’t-care attitude. I understand Rahul’s breaking point and anger against his parents but these things can be dealt in a mature manner. Similarly Rianna is not shown as responsible as a person living alone in a foreign country should be! I might be nit-picking… and these are minor issues that come back to you long after you have watched the movie! But they are a personal perception and can be ignored.

Kareena looks gorgeous! And Imran suits the character. They both act fine. Their respective parents are good as well, but too constrained by the stereotypes they are cast in. 


I give this one 3.5 out of 5 stars. It is a must watch 🙂



8 thoughts on “Ek main aur ek tu – review

  1. I shud have read this review earlier .. NO you shud have put it earlier .. so could win some awards at IHM’s post 🙂
    lot of good reviews on this film , now got ot find someone who will go to the cinema to watch this with me … I hate going alone

    • 🙂 🙂 I love reading reviews AFTER having seen the movie 🙂
      You should go and watch it atleast once.. hope you get a good company 🙂

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