Road Trip (To Goa)

I love road trips. Not only for the opportunity to have all of us together – talking and singing and supporting each other to get through the stress of travel, but also for the thoughts and preparations that go into planning it. So the number of days multiplied by dress changes required in a single day is calculated, a certain number is added to it, and I hunt our wardrobes to meet that requirement. A moment of panic sets in if even a single piece of dress is missing. Never mind the fact that it could have been replaced with something else. I love packing. No. Make it over-packing! I cant remember a single journey of my life where I have traveled light! And I have been traveling alone since the age of fourteen! But since this is a road trip and we are traveling by our own car, there is no upper limit to the number of suitcases I can carry. Ah! What a (creative) freedom!! back to the preparations! I have separate bags/suitcases for each purpose. One for Diya, one for me and hubby, one for our shoes, one for water bottles, one for food (for the journey), one for Diya’s toys/books, one handbag (mine), one laptop bag (for hubby)……it helps me retain my sanity in case there is a demand for something during the trip. I know exactly in which bag it is kept. The downside? I don’t know where that bag is!! You see, there are just so many of them!!

Anyways, this trip to Goa has been the most relaxed ever. We settled in a relatively lesser famous beach – Agonda and didn’t venture out of it! The entire time we ate, swam (kind of!), slept, or just chatted away!

The beach was clean and the sand was so fine that you could spend hours lying on it! To add to the charm, there were not many people around. It was quiet and romantic! I am adding a few pictures from the trip!


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8 thoughts on “Road Trip (To Goa)

  1. Awesome…your fave red nail paint isn’t? :p Did you collect some shells for me frm the beach??? Loved all the pics..(I hope i told ya befor..ur photography skills are simply great)

    Am sooo all had a great time!! šŸ™‚

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