The red Volvo

She waited for the bus at her regular stop. Slightly nervous, she looked around with guilty eyes. Clutching hard on the fifty rupee note, she closed her eyes for almost a minute and took a few deep breaths. Certain that she didn’t belong there, she turned her back to the house. That is when she spotted the red Volvo bus coming from a distance. There was no more time left now. She had to decide quickly whether or not to board that bus.

Once onboard, she tried to look at those sitting comfortably in those plush seats and enjoying cool air of the airconditioner that barred out scorching heat outside. She didn’t have enough courage to meet their questioning eyes. She told herself to calm down and pretend as if nothing out of ordinary was happening. That is when the ticket collector came to her and enquired about the place she wanted to get down at. Thankful that the fare was well within what she had in her tight fist, she felt better. As she sat on one of the vacant seats, she felt at ease and closed her eyes, this time with relief. It was not as bad as she had imagined it to be. She could fit in. The money saved over the last week to get her only set of ‘good dress’ ironed, a shampoo sachet and for this exorbitant amount of fare did turn out to be worthwhile




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4 thoughts on “The red Volvo

    • Oh that doesn’t matter!! Let me share the context with you. The red volvo buses over here in Bangalore are air conditioned, less crowded and quite clean. But the fares are exorbitant and I cant imagine anyone with lesser means to be able to afford them. But I am sure aspirations are not bound by the economic class and everyone dreams to enjoy luxury (whatever that may be). The best part is when we work towards realizing those dreams – and enjoy when we finally get to live them!

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