The ‘No – emotion’ girl

We were intrigued

and drawn to

the ‘No – emotion’ girl

who stayed nearby.

The blank expressions

the silent words –

Did she never get

any reason to smile?

 We called her names

and made fun

of how she walked

with her head lowered down.

We jeered and shouted

to get her attention.

But there never was a

single frown.

And then one day

we all gave up ,

tired of our own


But we still could not spot

any expression

on that beautiful face

with No-emotions.

4 thoughts on “The ‘No – emotion’ girl

  1. She was once, a chirpy girl; who smiled and danced,
    to all the joys, and happiness abound.
    Until, she came across some obnoxious people.
    That’s when she lost all: the smile, the trust,.
    to the big bad world around.

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