Do You Teach Your Four Year Old Child?

Or do you just let him/her be in care of teachers.

Do you keep tabs on what they teach in school?

Or do you (like many others) take help of a tutor who comes at home (yeah.. even for Nursery class!)

Are you a ‘cool parent’ who doesn’t bother at all unless called up by school teacher when something is amiss?

Or are you like me? Who asks the school authorities once in a while – specifically during the PTAs – as for what her daughter is upto. And who relies on her own methods to get the child interested in numbers and alphabets and everything else that they might think of?


I know of Diya’s loves for ‘studies’. And I would want that to be. Not because I nurture any ambition to have her as class/school topper. But because she has to go through basic schooling , and if she loves it – then it is definitely a plus point. We have our own fun way to deal with reading and writing.  She is a curious child (Isn’t this true for all kids of her age?) and I love that quality. And so we take her to markets, parks, train journeys, road trips etc. where she finds new and different things that can capture her attention and prompt her to ask questions. We plan various activities at home – esp crafts. We sing and dance and even watch TV together (though TV-time is still monitored and rationed). We even go for ‘walking and talking’ 🙂


But is that all? Am I doing everything that I should be doing to have her grow into a stable, confident and strong individual?


Or maybe No.


I would never know.

The mommy-guilt  haunts everyone, I believe! Even the most perfect of them all. And I am no exception.  The best I can do perhaps is to just accept it as an integral part of motherhood. But the fear still creeps in when I watch other kids around. The obnoxious behavior, the tantrums, the temper…and then I look at Diya. There are times when I imagine her to be turning into one of ‘those’, and it results in a minor heart-attack. I convince myself that it might be because of her ill-health or lack of sleep, or that she might be just hungry. I get defensive. And completely at loss. I pray hard that it is a ‘passing phase’ of her childhood,  she would be back to her usual cheery self,  and I would be wear that ‘proud mommy grin’ again!


6 thoughts on “Do You Teach Your Four Year Old Child?

  1. a tutor for a four year old , doesnot that Just SOUND wrong…

    You are doing fine I am sure , gettign a tutor forcing them to study, not letting them live the childhood is definitely not “COOL PARENTING” in my eyes ..

    YEah talk to teachers one shud keep a eye on the child for sure , let them develop thats all i can say , end of the day its each individual parent how they bring their child , no one can teach the other ..

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