I have always been aware of my magnetic personality (sorry.. sometimes modesty doesn’t work 😉 ) Now considering Electricity and Magnetism are so closely related, how could I not realize the ‘electrifying’  traits that get especially active in summers! (Please forgive me.. I am on a word-play and exclamation mark spree today! )

It started a few days back with me pillow-fighting with Diya on the couch. Was that a trigger? Did I get too charged with energy? But ever since then anything and everything I touch is leading to sparks!! Have I finally got the Midas Touch! Or is everyone and everything just so excited to have me around??!!

I enjoyed it for some time. But then it became annoying, even painful at times. The staircase-railings, car door, steel vessels, innocent handshakes,….The heights was me getting a ‘shock’ from a poly-bag containing spinach, and stunning me to complete silence – you know that stupefied look as if you have been caught red handed.. or just making a fool of yourself. My world would have crashed had it not been for this picture I happened to see while researching on Static Electricity.. and everything was alright again 🙂



Pics from here and here


12 thoughts on “Electrifying!!!

  1. haha!!! sumtimes even i experience those static…sparks or whatever it’s called :p
    Anyway… the reality is Everyone and Everything lllloves to have you around??!! They are catapulted towards you…

  2. balle balle 🙂 I guess the picture says it all it is a good substitute..

    try that midas touch .. does it turn to gold I got tons of things in my house that I would lvoe to be converted to GOLD please …
    and As DEW said above Everyone loves having you around and when you are about to leave they remind you NAHINNNNNNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnn dont go 🙂

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