Right now..

I am sitting on my bed staring at the laptop, wondering what to read next, and writing my thoughts in this text area.

I can hear a few birds chirping outside.

I see sunlight on my bed, on the walls, and loving the glow it has on my image in the mirror 🙂

I don’t hear Diya’s voice.. wonder what she is upto! ‘Itna sannata’ – means a disaster foretold! On second thoughts, she might be ‘coloring’ dreams on the book gifted by her grandparents, possibly forced one of them to sit next to her and ‘teach’ how to color!

I have a very bad headache..

I want to fly away to a distant land – preferably with a sea beach!!

I am thanking God for my wonderful family and friends and their unconditional love and support for me.

I am so confused about my career… where to go from here?

I wish I was not ‘me’ for a day, and observe silently if  ‘me’ is doing the right thing by being the way she is 😉

I am listening to …





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