Growing up with Diya – The smiles and the tears

Diya is a special child (aren’t they all so special and unique!). Perhaps it is the mother love speaking. Or may be it is just that I notice and am awed by her very strong personality –  well… strong for her age that is!

Kids teach us a lot of things. To start with, they teach us to LIVE life. Ever seen a child playing with colors? The hands, dress, table, and even the face might be smeared to the extent of being unrecognizable! And yet, the happiness in the eyes is indescribable! So what do you focus on? The messy dress and the dirty floor? Or the twinkle in those naughty eyes?

I do ask her to clean up the mess! But that is only after we both have enjoyed and laughed and praised ourselves for the wonderful creations – she taking pride in her artwork, and I beam with joy looking at my precious child!

This girl has made me cry on many occasions – mostly out of joy (and sometimes out of frustration!). When I am unwell, or upset about something, she senses that immediately (children are so sensitive.. it is amazing to see how well they decipher even the most carefully hidden emotions through body language). And then she makes me put my head in her lap, comforting with ‘Na na na.. sab theek ho jaayega…. my cutie, mera pyara bachha’. Needless to say, it puts a smile on my face and makes the worst of worries disappear!

I have never been too ambitious in my own professional life. I wonder if that is one of the reasons why I have no unrealistic expectations from Diya as well! It is not that I doubt her capabilities. On the contrary, I think she would be good in whatever she does out of love and her own interest. Another thing that I have learnt about her is that you cannot make her do anything that she doesn’t want. Period. I am not talking about daily chores.  She does help me in cleaning/tidying up the room, putting dirty utensils in the sink, etc. I am referring to her studies, singing, dancing, and other ‘activities’. If she doesn’t want to sing, she won’t sing. No matter how much you may plead or beg or cry! Having known and accepted that now, we have stopped pestering her for any such ‘performance’ when guests/relatives/friends arrive. 🙂

There is only one thing that ticks me off – bad behavior. When your child is loved and pampered by all, chances are that he/she tries to push the boundaries and test how far she can go. It happens with Diya as well.Usually a stern voice helps. In some cases, a short spell of so-hurt-that-we-are-not-talking-to-you also makes her realize that we are very upset, and she promptly comes with ‘Sorry Momma/Papa’.  In worst situations… well.. I still haven’t figured out how to deal with them!!! Still learning, You see!


8 thoughts on “Growing up with Diya – The smiles and the tears

  1. gagan says:

    Amazing post pooja…..
    Worst cases come and go , strange part is that her worst cases i just forget…the moment she , my daughter is done with her testing my limits, she l come to me and say i love ur smiley face(thats wat i tell her when she whines)!!! And she repeats all my dailogues as we r best freinds…we l listen to each other etc etc and my whole anger goes and the tough episode is erased from the memory…which is not the case with anyone else…all the little fights and arguements with people are fixed in hard drive…child has complete power of transformation for mother..

    • 🙂 Diya copies me as well!! My family says that she inherited her looks from her father and mannerisms from me!!

      And you are right, after a while, the bad memories just vanish and all you remember is the innocent smile and cute talk!

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