The challenge..

The house is almost empty again..and I am left to face the enormous challenge – how to entertain Diya without resorting to TV, laptop or mobile phones!!!


It is the first day of ‘us-alone’….

I have my arms and ammunition ready (books, activities, craft project ideas, shopping trips,…)

We started the day early, went for our usual morning walks (which didn’t happen in past one week due to irregular sleep timings), finished daily chores, and look forward to the day ahead.

Till now, TV time = 20min.



What activities do you plan for a four year old kid? Diya has a very short attention span (like perhaps all other kids of her age), and I need to invent something or the other to keep her busy (and off my back while I am working 🙂 ). She had got stencils and colors as gift from friends and family. And we spent exactly 15 minutes doing that!

The next ‘activity’ was to make her baby doll swim in bucket of water!

In between, a few trips were made to the living room, to check if the TV is working! (I had unplugged the set-top box 😉 )

And then the rigorous dance session commenced!

It is only11:00am. And my work has just started!

But I have a few ‘ideas’ that should keep her busy and hopefully get her tired by lunch hour…. And more than anything else, away from that idiot box!!


Things that we teach Diya!!


Me: Diya, Are you my daughter?

Diya: Yes. I am  your BEAUTIFUL daughter!!



Me: Diya, Are you my friend?

Diya: Yes, I am your BEST friend!!



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