Things to do this weekend…

I used to be a very unorganized person…. someone who didn’t plan anything.. and weekends were supposed to be the highpoint of being lazy and laid-back. I hated going out. I hated being dragged out of the bed and I hated to do any household work.

That was years ago.

Now, I am just the opposite! I can’t sit still for a second. Weekend mornings are spent in planning for the breakfast, lunch, dinner, and list out to-dos. There are times when I force myself to take afternoon nap, or read some book or just do nothing. I love going out now. I love exploring new places within the city. I enjoy trips to the coffee shops.  I even enjoy socializing! It is as if someone has told me that I have limited time and have to make most of it.

And just as when I decide to take a pause and relax a bit, some new bit comes in….

This weekend is going to be more hectic than others with the kitchen being renovated (read salvaged).


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