(Me, D, and A – going somewhere in car. A is driving, me in front seat , while D is sitting in backseat. After much pleadings and requests, we let her roll down the window halfway, instructing not to put arm/head outside. D, being D… manages to do that and me, being me, catches her in the act!)


Me: Diya, What are you doing?? Why are you sitting so close to the window? Didn’t I tell you not to do so? You don’t want your head to get hurt, do you?


Diya: But Momma, I am not putting my head outside. See Papa is driving soo fast. Mera head hil hil kar apne aap baahar chale jaata hai.


(Needless to say, we both are stumped!)

12 thoughts on “Logic!

  1. πŸ™‚ now that is the right answer ..

    Well if she was on a uk road and had her head out its 3 points and a fine πŸ™‚ simple no arguments especially if i pull you over ..

    parents responsibility ..

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