Week 1

Most of my life I had been blamed for underestimating my own capabilities. But this time it had been the other way round. This time I over estimated  myself. I pushed the limits, and realized them only when they pushed me back! In the process I got to learn a few important things – and the most useful learning has been to know when to stop.

Past week had been an exercise in self restraint, moderate physical activity, and promises to be a fitter me. I have been regular with my morning walks. And breakfast. And lunch. For first time in , well, I don’t know in how many months! My lunch has always been a quick-fix kind of thing! And dinner has been usually worse! It still is. I need to work on that point.

This week, I am continuing the same routine. I still have to include milk as part of my regular routine.   In not so distant past I used to love milk so much that I would have it twice or sometimes even thrice a day. It was my comfort food.


I love my morning walks. They give me the burst of energy I so need to see myself through the day. Especially the next one hour, which is so full of tasks to be done, calm to be maintained, and making sure that I still look human before stepping out of home to drop Diya off to school!


8 thoughts on “Week 1

  1. Good going re 🙂 Even I have been on track though not taking the physical exercise route as of now but yes doing enough work to qualify as same. You know I have added a cup of milk in my daily routine and though I hate it but ‘karna padta hai’ 🙂

    May you continue to push yourself to be a fitter person 🙂

    Good Luck!

  2. ES says:

    It’s very very important to take food adequately and in the right time. Do it now and your body will thank you later. Also make sure that everyone around you keeps a healthy nutrition table.

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