Deal Or No Deal

Me: 100 (equivalent to infinite in our language)

Diya: 10

Me: 20

Diya: 8

Me: 10

Diya: 5

Me: 20

Diya: 10

Me: 15

Diya: 5

Me: ok. 5

Diya: Sorry, Sorry!!! 2

Me: No. You said 5

Diya: Ok . 5 (with a sad face)


So from 100, this girl brought it down to 5! In case you are wondering what this is all about – well!! We were negotiating the number of spoon full of porridgeΒ  for breakfast!


(A YAY! moment for me – TV is not working for past few days, and none of us has suffered any major issue as I had feared πŸ˜‰ Diya is too busy with her Bullbook – a comic book with tales from Hitopdesha. And I am busy reading it to her, and with my regular work of course!)

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