Childhood memories – RK Narayan

A major chunk of my childhood went in living in the fantasy world created by RK Narayan. I didn’t care which state he belonged to, what was his native language, what he should have been writing instead,…. I only cared for the beautiful words he wrote, their power to pull me out of my fear of being alone at times. I am sure there are millions of children like me who owe a part of their life to this great writer. And it pains me a lot if the reason for not acknowledging him is something as senseless as the fact that he didn’t write anything in Kannada!


Taken from FirstPost

“Though he stayed in Karnataka, he didn’t socialize with the people here. He hasn’t written anything in Kannada. We’ve had several great poets and writers (in Kannada). If they had written in English, they would also have been as famous… Our request to the government is they should focus on our poets and writers,” M Chidanandamurthy tells the Times of India.



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