Courage or Recklessness ?

It takes a lot of courage to quit everything and pursue your dreams. It takes a lot of belief in yourself to be able to break free of the monotonous life. And while I believe in following the heart, a nagging fear bothers me. What is the difference between courage and recklessness? What if my decision backfires and leads to causing pain to my loved ones?

And yet.. I move forward, as if under some kind of spell. My family and friends warn me. Try to shake me up. Try to make me look at the reality.


I refuse to hear or see the logic. I keep moving forward. I pray for some more courage and work to instill some more faith in myself.

Would I succeed?


12 thoughts on “Courage or Recklessness ?

  1. That is a big question.. what is courage and what is recklessness.. I doubt if it can be defined..
    because if you are a success it will be taken as courage and if not then you will be told you are reckless …

    The only way is to give it a try .. .

    • Thanks! I remember you and your own experiences… Let me go through those old posts of yours and see if they can help me in getting out of my own comfort zone….

  2. Joyee says:

    You got to be courageous to be going after your dreams…but it will be sensible to have a back up plan just in case. Reckless is when you haven’t given enough thought to the pros and cons of what you’re going after…especially when there are people who depend on you.
    But be it success or failure, you’ll be able to embrace both knowing that you tried, gave it your best.
    The very very best of luck to you Puja.

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