This day, That year

I look at the calendar and today’s date reminds me of something or someone or some event. I can’t put a finger on what it is. All I feel is that this day means something to me. But I can’t remember. It is not the Birth day of anyone I know, or marriage anniversary nor did anything of national importance had occurred today. Or did it?

Has it ever happened to you? The familiarity with the dates. Their significance which either didn’t exist or has been erased from the memory forever.
What exactly had happened this day, that year?

4 thoughts on “This day, That year

  1. I mess up all the time 🙂 I am bad at dates , I have started putting reminders now , so i dont forget .. hopefully one year I will have all the reminders set and I will not miss anything

    by the way was it 8th nov or is it you thinking of 11th november Ha ha ha ha ha 🙂

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