In Grief

Last week I lost a friend.

He wasn’t the kinds I would share my feelings or very personal experiences with.

He wasn’t the kinds who would call me every now or then.

We didn’t exchange too many emails either.

And yet the heart aches badly.

He was a friend who stood by me in best and worst of times.

He never asked me why I did what I did.

He just stayed around.

We had long gaps in communication, but it never felt awkward whenever we did catch up.

Friends like him are the reason why we smile every now and then.

Their presence make us feel good about ourselves – Yes, I know it is a selfish reason – but the very fact that you are thought  of in a nice way is heart warming.

I am feeling sick with grief. I am trying to distract myself with things necessary and unnecessary. But it is not helping much..I hope his family and close circle of friends cope up with this tragedy. As for me, I would move on too – but not without a void in life.




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