… is the mantra of our lives..


We touch feet of our elders – but we throw them out as soon as they become dependent on us.

We boast about having thousands of friends on fb/twitter – and yet don’t reach out to them when they really need us.

We condemn corruption, give passionate speeches – and yet end up paying/receiving bribes for every small work to get done.

We demand tougher laws – but don’t use the current ones to file an FIR against the criminals

We demand death for rapists – yet ignore our own family members who hug the children a little too closely for their comfort

We go for candle light vigils for victims – yet turn our faces away when someone is ‘eve-teasing’ a girl in public.

We demand Ashok Chakras for victims – but don’t do anything to ensure there aren’t any more victims.

We fight whether it should be ‘victim’ or ‘survivor’ – yet don’t create a support system to have more survivors than victims.

We worship our Goddesses – yet kill when they wish to come to our lives as little girls.

We talk about diversity and equality at work – yet don’t refrain from saying ‘Girls are not suited for this job’


We are a bunch of hypocrites, lazy and cynical people. We need to be more honest with ourselves and stop contradicting the moral values which we are so proud of.  Symbolism is good, attractive, effective – but useless if not supported by our genuine efforts.


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