Just wanted to share an incident which happened last Saturday – around 7:00 am in the morning.

A woman was held forcibly by a young man (probably in his twenties). She cried for help which my father (who was out for his morning walk) heard . My father immediately ran to them and tried to free her. The young man , of course struggled with him, and then gave up (perhaps due to both my father and the lady screaming loudly for help). The lady requested my father to take her to the nearest police station, which incidentally is quite near to my parents’ house. They both went there and lodged the complaint, but nothing much could be done (as the police officer in charge explained to them) . The police promised that they would keep a stricter watch on the neighborhood.

This incident has me and my sister shaken. My father is not bothered. We know that he would have done the same even if the man was armed. But we are worried for him. He goes for his morning walk every day, following the same route. What if the man comes back? With more people this time? Also, when my father and the lady were screaming for help, there was a young couple nearby who did nothing to help. I am angry and worried. I go for my morning walks too. What if there is no one around to help? In this case, the lady was lucky to have someone like my father around who rushed to help her. What if I am in similar situation and there is no one to help?

Anyways leaving these fears aside, I am a proud daughter of a very brave man. Since childhood I have been hearing stories about his bravery where he helped people out – either by diving in strong and cold currents of Ganges or climbing up an electric pole to rescue someone… And I hope that people understand that if a 64 year old man can do it without having second thoughts, they too should pull up some courage and help if someone cries for help. That is the least one can do to claim that they are human.


7 thoughts on “Proud

  1. This kind of left me scared and tensed too, but more so in respect of your Dad did. Hope more people follow suit and stop being silent spectators! Kudos and God bless him!

    • Thanks Swaram. I hope people (including me) just act on their instincts and not hesitate before just going out there and act instead of just being a mute spectator.

  2. first of all well done to you dad .. and yes there are concerns for sure , It is people like that COUPLE who did nothing they are the reason our country is where it is, such people need to be SHOT even before the rapists get any punishment..

    I can understand the police saying because it would be difficult to find that person again,

    do extend my regards to your dad , and if you are very concerned then maybe for the next few days you can go with him for his walks..

    and yes if only others do what they are supposed to do , our nation will be a great nation once again

    • Thanks Bikram.

      The police had been kind and polite. And my dad, well, he refuses to stop going for his walks or having anyone to accompany him just because this incident happened. According to him, right now that man would be praying hard that my father forgets his face!

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