When The Lotus Blooms – Kanchana Krishnan Ayyar

ImageWhen in a book shop, I usually get all confused and lost. Either there are too many books that I might want to take home and immediately start reading or there is nothing that interests me! But I managed to pick this one up and was later thankful that I did.

The description of the lives of various characters is quite elaborate and helps in transporting you right where they live. There are certain oversights, which if ignored makes it a real good read. I give it 3 out of 5 stars.

The story runs in two parallel threads – Rajam and Dharmu. It talks about these two women and people associated with them.

I found the character of Rajam more interesting. She is a timid girl, and yet shows a great deal of courage in certain situations.  Another character – Dharmu might be a little more privileged but she fails in dealing with minor and major issues of life. I found the men folk quite one dimensional. But I believe that was the way they viewed themselves as – just a  bread earner.Downside – The ending was too abrupt for my understanding.

(Somebody please help me in getting to read a really good book. Something which stays with me long after I have turned the final page. Any ideas?)

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