A new start

After two and half years of break from work, three and half years of working from home, I have finally decided to shrug off my fears and doubts. I have decided to get back to working full time from office. For those who know me personally, it is a big deal! I might be cribbing a lot about my long gone social interaction skills, or lost art of conversation, or lack of interest in getting ready to go out, but working from home had come to me as a boon at the time when I was still indecisive, and very much a new mom. It had given me the opportunity to get back to enjoy the thrills of a spirited technical discussion.

There had been frustrating moments like this one when I was almost on verge of quitting! During those times, I went back and read my old posts – full of hope and excitement – like the one which I wrote after getting the job! But in all it has been pretty smooth. And I thank God for that. I am a slow person and couldn’t have taken too many things at one go.

This one might be different. It promises growth – both professional and personal. But it also warns me of avalanche of stress that I would have to face. Am I prepared enough? Well, it is hard to say. I might pass this doubt for some other day. For now I am excited about how to redo my wardrobe more than anything else!

(Wish me luck.. I need it in large doses 🙂 )

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