Difficult questions!

Diya: (during her usual question-answer session right before sleeping ) Momma, will you go to Bhagwan ji ?
Me: Yeah, one day I might have to go.
Diya: Will you never come back?
Me: (hmmm) I am not sure.
Diya: (getting irritated) But why do you have to go?
Me: Because God would need me up there?
Diya: (surprised) You would give HIM food?
Me: :) Yeah I might
Diya: (more surprised) Would you sing songs to HIM so that he sleeps well?
Me: :) yeah, if HE insists
Diya: (just about to cry) Would you always stay there? What will I do then?
Me: You would have grown up by then, and would be able to take care of yoruself
Diya: (getting angry now) NO. I want you to take care of me. I dont want to eat food by myself. Please don’t go to Bhagwanji.
Me: Then what should I do if HE calls me?
Diya: I would scold HIM and ask HIM to leave. You have to stay with me only.
Me: (Time for some false promises) Ok dear – I would tell HIM that I’ll always stay here with my Diya..
Diya: (reassured) :) ok!

4 thoughts on “Difficult questions!

  1. Diya & Dew’s answer remain the same : I would SCOLD HIM and ask HIM to leave you. So that you can stay with US FOREVER :D

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