Random thoughts

There are days when I miss my blog. I open the wp page, look at older posts, sigh, and promise myself to get back to it as soon as I finish the project/task X – which of course does get finished only to be taken over by project/task Y. My dear friend Dew inspired, coaxed and almost convinced me to do one post a day. I am glad I didn’t take it up or else would have suffered guilt of not keeping yet another commitment!

There is so much to share about the new stuff happening in my life right now. The people@ the new place, the new technologies I am getting the opportunity to work on, the complexeties of managing life at work and home, the challenges thrown at me every single day, the emotions which I hadnt been aware of until recently, and most important of them all – growing up with Diya! I miss recording that over here. This blog has been nothing but a timekeeper for me. I re-read it so many times just to be able to live the moments gone by.

For now I am looking forward to the long vacation in August! I so00 need this, and I shall ensure that this be a break in real sense with both the phones taken away and used only in emergency, no browsing time, and catch up on all the reading that I can! And of course, uninterrupted attention to Diya! I want to make best of this opportunity, and experience the world with her. Have I told you how much I enjoy traveling with her? She has endless questions, and it is always delightful to see curiosity in her eyes! At times it gets tiring but then she is growing up and has started learning to create and live in her own space when I am unable to participate.

Each day starts with a little prayer and each day ends with a thanks. And isn’t that being blessed is all about??!! (Touchwood 😉 )


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