When words fail

Despite the fast pace, sometimes life forces you to take a pause – literally. There are moments when you just stand there staring at it, wondering if you had done something right to deserve the happiness that they bring.

Imagine coming back from office, all tired and stressed out. And then you see your beautiful daughter  with your dupatta draped around as her sari, dancing on the bed, and singing ‘sanwar loon’ with 50% accuracy in lyrics. The words that she doesn’t remember are replaced by her own imagination! But the tone is just perfect and very much in sync with the original. These are the moments when I stand there mesmerized, wondering where all this beauty came from, and what did I do to deserve it.

DiyaOn a lazy saturday, the child comes to you and says ‘Momma, I want to cook today’! You wonder for a while and then ask her to roll out chapatis, which she does – all 9 of them in perfect round shape and uniform thickness! ( Something which You were not able to manage even after cooking for years. ) Doesn’t that make you feel proud of her? It sure does that to me 🙂 And I end up taking pictures, and posting them here for times when I might want to revisit these moments.

Oh and how can I forget the time when I was down with fever and this little girl would come to me every few minutes and ask how I was feeling.  She would then check my forehead for temperature and kiss me 🙂 Now I have to confess that it really did work better than the medicines!

Of all the joys that life has offered, motherhood has by far been the best one!  It has changed me, brought the best and worst in me, and made me feel complete.

And here is her fav song these days!!



8 thoughts on “When words fail

  1. You are truly blessed with that little bunch of joy around you always 😀 My gulllllllllllllllu ..now i need to watch her do that…

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