Back from vacation (and other random thoughts)

This vacation has been one of my most memorable ones. From meeting some family members for the first time to rediscovering some old ones. It also gave me a chance to meet some very dear friends from school and college (some as planned, and some by chance). It was surreal. So much so that I felt the worlds intersecting. And would often dream about some place or meet where I could see people from my school , college and even ex collegues all together. It was like being transported to a different world.

Back to reality – There are certain things I would like to change in myself. My inability to approach people at times is crippling me. And confrontation is an art that I still need to master! I have plans – a lot of them actually. But I need to create space and time for them to get executed. My weight issue is still a concern. After reducing a little, it has reached a constant and that is very demotivating.

Oh and before I forget – My Birthday is fast approaching, and Diya is super excited. The piggy bank which was supposed to be opened on her birthday  might just be used for mine 😉 Well, atleast that’s what she says. She has decided to buy me a dress – the one with so much ‘gher’ that I would love dancing in it 🙂 It is really fun to watch her count down the days. I have finally some reason to look forward to the day (and my date with an all day long spa 🙂 )

2 thoughts on “Back from vacation (and other random thoughts)

  1. Holidays are so refreshing and rejuvenates the soul. I am so bad at confronting people face-to-face. Lolz Diya the perfect daughter and what better way to use the piggy bank..momma budday:)

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