Nomadic life..

I have always been a nomad at heart – never stayed at one place for long time. My mother wasn’t too happy with it and blamed the mole on my left foot for this restlessness of mine. After marriage though, things settled down and my nomadic lifestyle was brought to a halt. I enjoyed that stillness for a while but then it started to bother me. I started finding excuses to go out and travel. Dew and I often sit and discuss about abandoning our current career paths and relocating to the hills, to explore,and earn just enough for survival. Well! we both know and understand that it is nothing but a daydream – good only while it stays that way!

And this brings me to the reason why I am actually blogging about it!

I have become lazy these days. Especially on weekends. I love to just stay at home and do nothing, which is fine at times.. But of late, it has become a norm – have breakfast – sleep – have lunch – sleep – have tea – go out for some time – have dinner – sleep! Yeah it is as pathetic as that! I blamed it on the need of my body to catch up on some sleep. But in my heart I knew the truth. And the guilt was getting too much to bear. So I make a promise to myself now – to be up and on my feet and get that damned mole back in action!

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