We never lose it .I was happy and hopeful when Manmohan Singh got his first term as Prime minister though Congress wasn’t really my party of choice. I was praying hard that he does well to improve the economy. After all being an economist and widely recognized as an honest man, it was the least one could expect from him. Unfortunately his tenure didn’t do much to improve our status.
When he got designated as Prime Minister for the second time, the naive heart once more began the wishful thinking. I hadn’t lost trust in him. Though now when I look back, it all seems so stupid. I didn’t know him at a personal level, and yet I would fight and argue for him with each and everyone who dared to speak against his decisions (or the lack of 😉 ).
And then came the AAP wave. It raised hope in each of the disappointed heart. Here was the man who not only looked and lived simple, but  was highly educated and spoke well. He could pin point the exact flaws in the system and dare to stand up against those who supported them. When he got the chance to look after Delhi as its CM, I was happy until he gave up and decided to prepare the party for central elections. It sounded opportunistic and in many ways proved what his critics had been saying all along.
And now it is BJP – a strong majority with a widely accepted leader. As much as I would want things that happened in past to be sorted out and the guilty to be punished, the hope for an economically stronger country overshadows a lot of my misgivings.
As for AAP – well! I continue supporting it at a very basic level. They need to rebuild themselves. We need to ensure that their ideals which they so strongly propagated are followed by everyone – including ourselves. The thought-line of this party is good. We do need to give them a chance. Until then we keep a strong watch on the current Govt and make sure that they deliver what they promised.

13 thoughts on “Hope

  1. I am not sure why everyone is going on against Manmohan singh.. He has actually worked a Lot for the country , yes he was under the thumb or quiet or whatever but they say history come out after years.. and we have this tendency to look at everything negative.. I was actually reading a article written by a famous economist who said what would have been HAd Manmohan singh not done what he has done..

    BBC did a program a few months back which again showed how hard the PM worked it was just bad luck of the pm that his collegues were not as enthusiastic as him to do something for the country ..

    I would still love if BJP ask him to become the finance minister of the nation .. he is a intelligent person..

    BJP has come but everyone is so focused on just one person Mr. MODI.. well sorry to say its not MODI who is going to be the only person running the country.. so wait and watch what happens we have also forgotten that many of the leaders in the bjp are the same leaders who were in power when Vajpayee govt came to power and hope we remember all that happened then tooo

    • Of course he is an intelligent person. Well qualified. Hard Working too. But he hasn’t been a good leader. He wasn’t there with his country when it needed him the most. He should have been more firm. Manmohan Singh as a finance minister under a leader who gives him enough freedom would be like a dream come true. But until that happens, we have to make do with what we have got now. A Full majority can prove to be good for the economy. I hope it happens. And I hope that things which Modi has been accused of don’t happen again. It is all about hopes and dreams, you see. There is no guarantee that they won’t get shattered again.

      • yeah i know .. that has always been the BANE of our nation .. trusting and voting for the wrong people always .. if only

        as i said if only the govt that gets voted for 5 years does the work with all their heart for just 2 years .. that will be enough for the nation to go leaps and bounds

        • Haan.. sachi.. we need set our priorities right. Mandir over development. Election propaganda over actual work done… and we get the Govt which we curse for the next 5 years.

  2. I do have my ideological reserve and differences with BJP but fact is they are in power. There are certain things that one cannot forget but still feel that AAP, as an alternative, can clean the stable of stupidity, ridiculous antics and go for long-term leadership. AAP is a movement and let’ hope for things to change.

    • My thoughts exactly. BJP is in power. It has strength of numbers. But AAP should be groomed well. To be a successful party, they need their good intentions as well as Modi’s smart political moves.

  3. A fair review on the three parties. The comments are quite interesting. While BJP deserves its success every bit I have the greatest respect for Manmohan Singh as a person and an economist but his leadership was much too constrained.
    AAP is a fresh idea and still in incubation I hope with time they get their act together.

  4. Hari Om! Puja,
    The whole nation was in a state of disappointment for last 4 years until the Anna Hazare movement in Delhi against corruption. It seemed like a revolution but the fire quickly dimmed, both Anna and Kejriwal went their way.
    Nothing compares to the revolution brought by Narendra Modi, which not only reignited hope in all our hearts but his sheer dynamism and immense love for the “Bharata Mata” made us more confident in trusting him as a leader.
    Narendra Modi is a perfect leader which our country needed. A desperate need to revamp the economic structure which has been severely detrimented by the ‘elitist Congressies’.

    • Narendra Modi has lots to answer for. And lots to do before he proves himself as the perfect leader. Perhaps out of our own desperation we are willing to ignore all that and want him to be our Hero. I am not gonna write him off either. Let’s wait and watch closely how he performs in his duties as the PrimeMinister.

      • As far as leadership is concerned, there is no doubt that Mr.Modi is a dynamic leader. A kind of leader which our nation needed at a time when our economy is declining. Investors were losing trust in Indian market and people were losing trust in the stock market, hence they were more inclined to invest in immovable assets. Which is one of the main reasons for cash flow shortage in the market.

        As far as AAP is concerned, they showed a lot of promise in the beginning and I was impressed by their agenda but due to lack of conviction and inability to handle political pressure they broke-down very quickly.
        Arvind Kejriwal today has lost his credibility as a leader. Nobody trusts his political judgement. Quite clearly he is power hungry maniac who has no interest in betterment of the nation. His anarchist approach is highly destructive for the nation. No wonder Dr. Subramanian Swamy calls them (AAP members) naxalites.

        Hence, the only reason millions of people went out to vote for Modi was because of his exuberant leadership and confidence which he exhibited.

        • I find almost every politician to be a power hungry maniac. And Arvind Kejriwal looks like the least devil of them all.. I hope AAP matures soon comes to power. Till then we can only hope that whichever Govt rules, does it with the basic levels of honesty and integrity.

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