PK – movie

It seems that this movie has been garnering a lot of praise and appreciation.


I felt that at the best it was a bits and pieces of various movies/series.. I could think of “Oh My God” (which was much better), “Delhi 6” (which I didn’t quite understand), and Amir Khan’s very own “Satyamev Jayate”..

The storyline was good, but narration was pathetic. There was no chemistry between the characters (take any pair). And I felt bored… terribly bored throughout the movie. It is good to see a movie that tries to convey some message. But if you want the entire movie to be based on one, you need something more than that. I am offended – not by the slamming of religion, but by the film maker’s assumption that anything offbeat can make a good movie. A basic premise, maybe.. but not the entire movie.

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