Recording memories

There are times when I miss being a ‘normal’ doting mother – one who records every moment of her child’s life, takes a lot of pictures, pens down the experiences, describes every new movement, every new word that her child utters.

I really wish I was like that.

With Diya, I get so absorbed in the moment itself that I forget to take the pictures. I promise myself to write down her smart talks (perhaps to play them back to her when she grows up 😉 ). But I end up NOT doing that. And then I regret it.

Diya has grown up so much in last one year.In fact, a lot more than what I had imagined or was prepared for. And though there are times when I am tearing my hair out (esp after her I-am-now-a-teenager behavior), I have never felt more peace in my life! And my favorite is the sleep time (on some days) when she cuddles up next to me, rubs her hand over my forehead, pretends to be my mom and sings me to sleep! Quite a role reversal that is 😉 – one which I love and will cherish forever.

2 thoughts on “Recording memories

  1. Puja, I’m just the same. I hardly note down stuff. I am too engrossed in the moment to even take pictures sometimes.. I know its terrible, but I can’t complain. I guess it has to do with the sort of people we are.

    • Yes, you are right Smitha.. After these guilty bouts, I usually settle down and accept that this is how I am and that no matter how hard I try, I still would remain this way. I do regret having those beautiful memories in print though.

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