We love Salman Khan for obvious reasons..

“The man” – who is passionately in love (on/off screen) , protects his woman, helps her whenever needed. All this, of course excuses him in case he ever abuses the ‘object’ of his love and desire.  Isn’t it the duty of a woman to serve her man since he has had a long day at work, earning for them, protecting the family from bad elements, upholding Indian values by ensuring the honor (read women) of his family are not exposed outside the ‘protected’ walls of his home. One slap here, a slight push there hurts no one, especially if the ‘intention’ was to have the right prevailing at the end.

“The man” – indulges in sports which project his masculinity. What is wrong in that? Aren’t we all fond of watching men do that since ages? The macho man is the one who is fit and strong enough to carry a rifle and know when to use it. Now whether it is to kill the helpless animals –  Who cares.

“The man” – carrying the burden of the world on his shoulders, on certain occasions, is made to face rejection – that too by the woman he loved and desired, and did so much for by  means of taking care and protecting her. Can anything be worse than that? What kind of person won’t feel sympathy? And if he ends up getting drunk, isn’t that understandable? And of course, alcohol is an evil who made him run over some people who weren’t even supposed to be where they were, how can it be his fault?

“The man” is not the problem here. We and our mental conditioning of how he should be led to accepting and normalizing what he is today.  How can we blame just him when we all are the same – by doing what he does in various degrees, and by keeping silent and accepting his behavior however unruly it may be.

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