About me


I sleepwalk through the life

and not let its harshness hit me.

I wrap myself with indifference

and feel the thrill of mindless glee.

I let the memories haunt me

and yet fly away like a dream.

I am my own contradiction

unpredictable like a mountain stream.

Puja Thakur

30 thoughts on “About me

    • Shanthi says:


      I think finally you have fullfilled your life……………. You are such lucky lady in this world.

      • Thank you Shanthi!! But I think there is a long way to go before I actually feel satisfied..

        Its always a pleasure knowing people like you who make your day with their kind words 🙂

  1. Puja probably came into the world wrapped in aluminium foil. Atleast thats what she would like you to believe.

    Distantly true but honest to the core, confused but confident, half-baked but fully matured, faltering but poised.

    And if she does approve this “About” in its unabridged form it can also be said: foolish but wise.

  2. Pratik Rawal says:

    Hi Puja Thakur,

    If my memory is sharp than you are the same puja thakur of IIHT-Delhi.

    If yes then do keep in touch.

    By the way you maintained your web site very well.

    • Yeah, that’s us!

      This pic was taken in the car, during our trip to Vayandad (a few months back). My sister and Diya were urging me to come out of the ‘deep’ thinking zone and pose for the pic 🙂

    • Yeah. .. Sometimes our words can be misunderstood and misconstrued. And yet I didn’t make them private because then they tend to get hidden and lost – like pages of a journal…

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