Sometimes the best thing to do on a weekend is

Aimless knitting…


A place where you are supposed to smile , look glamorous and feel good despite going through what seems like being mauled by an enraged lion.

(Just a thought)

Spot the Ganesha!

After all isn’t it Him that they want to celebrate and not the other way around?!

Where are the religious fanatics when they are most needed?!
Update: got even better picture today!!

The moment when life feels complete…

On some days, I enjoy the luxury of taking afternoon nap with daughter. And then in a brief silent moment, I let the sweetness of hot tea and the strong aroma of spices added to it take over my senses. That’s when I close my eyes, take a deep satisfied breath and feel completeness of that moment.

I am thus certified to be prettier than all the ‘Alia’s and ‘Parineeti’s of this world!

Discovered this as I was sorting out Diya’s old books and notebooks.


My mother is very pretty
More than Alia or Parineeti!
She is cute, lively and funny,
Oh, she is the bestest mummy!
Ever and ever and ever,
She is the best mummy forever!


The song in my mind as I read this over and over again:

The lazy afternoons

I look forward to the weekend afternoons where I can get away doing absolutely nothing.  This is also the time when cooking becomes more than just a chore. I prepare my ‘comfort food’, park myself in the couch, watch some movie or read some book. There is no rush to gulp the food down or stick a deadline to anything that needs to be done. Such a welcome break from the days when time flies faster than one can keep track of.  At the end of the couch is the crisp newspaper, with all its gossip, puzzles, crosswords, and occasional items of news. There still is romance in turning over its pages, reading every single word, even the weekly zodiac predictions, which one forgets as soon as they have been read! Oh! how can I miss mentioning the naps – the hoping for an hour long nap which extends into two hours, thus making you feel all disoriented when you do manage to get up! But you have the savior in form of the strong masala tea, the smell of which sets the tone of the evening – relaxed and happy.

The song playing in endless loop: