You inspire me through innumerable expressions

to carry me through my day.

You make the rough road easy to travel,

with wisdom in your eyes and

serenity on your face.



Through the interesting journey that we are on together, my daughter has proven to be an ideal companion.

Padmaavat(i) – because we all are supposed to express our opinion on it

And also because I didn’t understand what the whole hullabaloo was about. To me, it felt like a propaganda to boost the “Rajput” image instead of tarnishing it. Although people talking about themselves in a third person voice and bringing in the whole “Rajputana” tradition in every sentence could be considered as an assault to its reputation! Oh and I didn’t quite get the problem with showing “Jauhar” on screen. Not that I would condone it or any other form of self harm, but I have strong feelings about the way women have progressed in their ways and means to safeguard themselves. Jauhar was a reality of those times. It was how women saved themselves, it was also a sign of protest against the intruders trying to own them as war trophies. We have to accept that it was a part of our past, glorious or not.

She – Mithya

The universe and its elements has a unique way of presenting itself to people. The shade of red which symbolizes marital harmony could also represent the fierce anger within. ‘Then what is the truth?’, she asked herself. Was it the cool and indifferent expression she had to maintain as she dealt with people at work or did it come through her aggression at the gym. Was she defined by the perceptions which people had? They sometimes accused her of having isolated herself. ‘Isolated from whom?’, she asked them. Was it from their beliefs, which was obviously one sided, based only on what they wanted to believe instead of considering her to be what she was. Or was it from their own ignorance towards what people could be like beyond their abilities of understanding.

The funny thing about ‘truth’ is that it can be ‘created’,’manipulated’,’presented’ and ‘justified’ in the most believable ways. You repeat something enough number of times and the world starts treating it as the ultimate ‘truth’! She had almost become wary of its existence. The idea of truth had somehow become more appalling than virtuous to her.

That night, as she penned down her thoughts in journal, she gave herself a new name – Mithya.