The perfect ‘me’ time

You have coffee at your favourite cafe with daughter. So what if she is busy in her own world of magic! It’s a pleasure to behold that sight while still being able to enjoy one’s own company 😊

Born again…

Every day I receive God’s blessings in form of my loved ones and the happy moments spent with them.
Every moment it feels that I am given a fresh chance at life.
I feel happy and thankful for everything and everyone who has made me experience love..

Sometimes the best thing to do on a weekend is

Aimless knitting…


A place where you are supposed to smile , look glamorous and feel good despite going through what seems like being mauled by an enraged lion.

(Just a thought)

Spot the Ganesha!

After all isn’t it Him that they want to celebrate and not the other way around?!

Where are the religious fanatics when they are most needed?!
Update: got even better picture today!!

The moment when life feels complete…

On some days, I enjoy the luxury of taking afternoon nap with daughter. And then in a brief silent moment, I let the sweetness of hot tea and the strong aroma of spices added to it take over my senses. That’s when I close my eyes, take a deep satisfied breath and feel completeness of that moment.