Lessons shared with daughter

I am glad daughter has seen me fall. And rise. Fall again. And then struggle to rise.

She has seen me through the darkest times, worst of my tempers, tears and sad face that lasted for longer than we would have liked.

And she has seen me smile for no reason at all. Laugh at the silly “pick-up lines” she sources from internet. And hum a tune or two while cooking.

While she respects me as her mother, she also knows me as a woman. Someone who is susceptible to falling to temptation as well. Someone who makes mistakes, and then owns them, and apologizes when needed. She doesn’t idolise me. And I feel relieved for that.

My failures and my successes – these the lessons that I share with her. As much as I want her to make her own mistakes, I hope that my life would serve as a guide to her while choosing or rejecting certain paths in her own life.

Art collab!

I call daughter as my ‘Guru Ma’ for teaching me, amongst many things, a bit of painting. It’s something that I have always enjoyed but never managed to be good at! I still am very bad at it. But she has held my hand (literally) and given me the courage to keep trying!

This painting is our joint work. Something that I am very very proud of!

(Still needs a bit of finishing touches(

Two books on the sick day off!

Started with this:

Regretted picking it up after just a few pages. The excerpt held my attention for much longer than this entire book!!

And so, I picked up this:

And felt glad for doing so. Nothing better than some well written, smooth flowing stories to finish your day 😊

Summing up today

“I feel sad for us and the queer part we play in our own disasters. But out of some persistent sense of large-scale ruin, we keep inventing hope. And this is where we wait, together.”

White Noise on Netflix