Just a thought

When they ‘advise’ you to move on and forget certain things which happened in past, do they realize that it is almost impossible to suppress just one part and remember the rest of it?

And that when you move ahead in life, there are things, places, people you leave behind. You think of them fondly and smile at the pleasantness and unpleasantness of the moments you shared with them. You remember everything. The joys and bitterness may be long gone, but the remembrances stay.

The Mist

Every morning, I go for a walk around a lake near my place. And every breath that i take there, I thank my God for surrounding me with such beauty. The weight of worries start to feel much lighter and as the sunlight gets brighter, and mist starts to leave, life starts looking like something easier than ever before.

Of dreams forgotten and dreams created

Years ago, a teacher, very dear to me, asked me to apply for a certain college in UK. She arranged for information and also proposed recommendations should I decide in favor of that. But the decision wasn’t mine to take at that age. My parents, for various reasons, decided to have me live close to them and the idea was soon forgotten. And now for reasons unexplained, I feel this urge to go and visit the place. Just once. Just to have a look at the life that we chose not to have. And perhaps to get myself to have the luxury of dreaming what my teacher once wanted for me.