Thanks to the increase in traffic fines –

— One of the reasons for me not driving in Bangalore may be gone.


So I do not drive in Bangalore (actually, I don’t drive anywhere, or to be more truthful, I haven’t really learned to drive), because of three main reasons:

  1. Indiscipline of fellow drivers on road
  2. Non existent road
  3. My own jumpy nerves.

With the increase in the fines, I am hoping that #1 reason would be soon resolved (high hopes! but still…). For the 2nd reason, I am looking up to the those involved to keep their selfish (and corrupt) urges under control and get these sorry-shaped roads in some order! The 3rd reason…. well.. that is entirely up to me, and I promise myself to work on it.

Till then, Nirmala Sitharaman can smile with assurance that if I am not buying a car, it is not necessarily because of a failing economy but more because of failing infrastructure and our lousy road manners.


is a feeling that takes over when you realize that you are no longer under any compulsion to justify your decisions to anyone. You discuss them only if YOU want to!

Or is it just a (positive) side effect of growing older?!