Against all odds

I smile at the turn of events. This vindicates my belief that one gets to a certain position where he/she can feel proud only if it has been achieved against all odds and not necessarily be facilitated by a crew of supporting cast!

The most ridiculous thing I heard today

Migrants went home because of emotional reasons and not because they didn’t get basic facilities in Delhi.

– Chief minister of a state in India

Someone please tell this kind man that lakhs of families won’t risk death just because they are driven by strong emotions to be back to the place they once left for better lives.


I have always found the twitter hashtag trends amusing. Well most of the times. Sometimes they are worth their while. And sometimes they are too crude to be deemed serious.

I had never understood the significance of the word migrant until now. In a country where most of us move between cities or states for studies or job, a migrant is as common as a ‘middle class’ guy.  However,  some of us did a little better than others. We are well sheltered, watered and fed. We don’t live in constant fear of going hungry or harassed by house owners , or beaten up by police for no fault of ours except for our existence.

Yes, we are migrants too. But we are nothing like those who are struggling right now for a moment of rest and assurance of next meal. So I believe those who are glorifying themselves as migrants should stop diluting this serious issue and instead let the focus be on those who are actually suffering. That might force the authorities to take note and act on the ground rather than just advertising their shallow policies.